What Are the Three Pillars for Osteoporosis?

NewLifeOutlook TeamNewLifeOutlook Team
Dec 23, 2013

Building Your Bones in Three Ways

There are three important pillars to preventing osteoporosis: vitamin D, a healthy calcium- and protein-filled diet, and exercise. If these pillars are combined our muscles and bones can be kept healthy and strong.

With osteoporosis it’s important to build your muscles as well as your bones, since they both work together. The best exercises for muscles and bones for osteoporosis are those that provide resistance and weight-bearing. Strong muscles also help prevent falls, which can be devastating for those with osteoporosis.

Exercises can take the shape of speed walking, resistance exercises (e.g. dumbbell curls, brisk walking) but always remember to stretch before any strenuous exercise to prevent any injuries.

For proper nutrition, focus on calcium, vitamin D, and protein to support your bone health. Calcium will help your bones become stronger, vitamin D will help your bones absorb the calcium and will also help your muscles, and protein will help to build your muscles.

Vitamin D can be found in sunshine absorbed directly into the skin; but this is not always a practical option, so vitamin D supplements are a good alternative. Calcium is found in dairy products, nuts, and fish.

Take these steps to keeping your bones and muscles strong

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