Osteoporosis and Sex

Osteoporosis and Sex

Osteoporosis Should Not Put an End to Your Sex Life

When it comes to having sex, no one should worry about pain.  But if you have a condition such as osteoporosis, it can be very concerning.  You and your partner may worry that stress on a joint or bone can cause pain, or worse, a bone fracture so you may avoid it altogether.

There is no reason patients with osteoporosis shouldn’t be able to carry on an intimate relationship with their partner.  A healthy sex life is beneficial for anyone, because it relieves stress and releases endorphins into the brain that improve overall well-being.

There are some things to consider before stepping it up in the bedroom.  By following certain precautions and realizing there may be adjustments to be made, having sex can be pain-free and enjoyable for all involved.

  • Know Your Limitations: It is very important to know your limitations. Discuss them with your partner ahead of time.  Things to be aware of may be any areas of pain or weakness that could pose a problem during intimate activity.  Certain positions may cause pressure and lead to injury to the spine or joints. You should also know how severe your osteoporosis is.  If it is extremely severe, you will have a high risk of fracturing a bone.  Your doctor can explain to you if you will fracture easily or not.
  • Use Certain Sexual Positions: There are some sexual positions that will be safer than others.  The safest for the woman is generally on top of the man.  This allows her to have more control of body movements and lower the risk of pressure on any joints.  If a woman has osteoporosis, she should avoid sex with a man on top.  This puts pressure on her hips and could lead to a hip fracture or other problems.  A better position would be what is called “spooning,” where the male partner is to her back.  This is the least strenuous for both individuals.
  • Use Pillows or Cushions. They offer extra support and comfort.
  • Intercourse is only one way to be intimate. You don’t always have to have intercourse to be intimate.  There are other ways, including foreplay, to give each other pleasure.  You may want to look on the Internet for unique ways to offer intimacy.
  • It is important to offer an honest discussion about osteoporosis and sex with your partner. This involves talking with him/her about your condition, the risks to be considered, and how you think it would be improved to satisfy both of you.  It is important that you know what you can do that will not cause you pain or injury.  Make sure your partner realizes that there are some ways you cannot participate, but offer techniques that will still light the fire in the bedroom.

Just because you have osteoporosis, doesn’t mean you can’t express your love through intimacy and sex.  With an understanding partner, you will be able to have a fulfilling love life despite your condition.  All it takes is a few minor adjustments.


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Yvonne BanksYvonne Banks

Yvonne is a licensed practical nurse who has a passion for helping people to improve their health conditions. Practicing since 2001, she has worked with both geriatric and pediatric patients during the course of her career.

Sep 15, 2014
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