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Weight Training for Osteoporosis: Weight and Strength Exercises for Osteoporosis

Weight Training for Osteoporosis

Strength and weight training exercises help to prevent osteoporosis and its progression. Let’s examine why strength and weight training for osteoporosis is important for the health of your bones and determine what types of activities provide the most benefits. Strength and weight training exercises help to preserve bone mass. They help your bones to remain heavy and dense. Bones which have been affected by osteoporosis are weak and subject to fracturing. They have a spongy or...

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Osteoporosis Diet

The Importance of an Osteoporosis Diet

A reduction in osteoporosis symptoms could come from following a specific osteoporosis diet. Find out which foods to pick out at your grocery store.
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The Importance of Protein in Your Diet

The Importance of Protein in Your Diet

It was traditionally thought that eating high amounts of protein might cause calcium to leach from bones. Newer research disputes this.
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Sources of Vitamin D

Excellent Sources of Vitamin D

There are three ways to get more vitamin D: diet, sunshine and supplements. Each method has a part to play in an osteoporosis prevention or management plan.
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Osteoporosis and Calcium

Osteoporosis and Calcium

If you have osteoporosis, you probably know that you need calcium to keep your bones healthy. However not all sources of calcium are alike.
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Healthy Soup Recipes for Osteoporosis

Healthy Soup Recipes

Soup is filled with foods that have easily accessible nutrients to assist in the bone building process for those with Osteoporosis.
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Nutritious Foods for Osteoporosis

Grow Your Own Nutritious Foods for Healthy Bones

When you have osteoporosis, you want to build up your body's nutrients. To build bones, you need nutritious foods with all the vitamins and minerals.
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Build Bone Density

Healthy Salads for Osteoporosis Patients

These healthy salads taste great and will help build up your bone density!
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Bone Building Foods for Osteoporosis

Smoothies for Osteoporosis

Your best bone building foods are ones that are high in minerals. These foods, combined with regular activity, are the perfect way to achieve healthy bones.
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Foods to Avoid with Osteoporosis

Foods to Avoid

Certain foods can actually harm your bones. They do this by replacing essential nutrients, which can quickly lead to a decline in your health.
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Osteoporosis Nutrition for Bone Health

Osteoporosis Nutrition for Bone Health

Some osteoporosis prevention and treatments involve dietary and lifestyle choices. There are several ways to help improve your bone health.
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