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Josh Duvauchelle is a wellness coach in Vancouver, BC. He focuses on research-based approaches to natural wellness, and how a combination of exercise, diet and lifestyle changes can shift your health to a place of ever-increasing health, wholeness and healing.

He hopes that his regular columns for NewLifeOutlook can help readers change their perspective on their health journey and find empowering ways to educate themselves and find their inner strength.

Beyond his experience as a coach and health writer, Josh is also a fitness expert whose health advice has been featured in USA Today, Men’s Fitness, Eating Well magazine, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, Eating Well magazine, HuffPost, Alive magazine, Teen Vogue, USA Today and many other major media outlets.

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Infusion for Osteoporosis

Can Infusion Medications Help Prevent Osteoporosis Bone Fractures?

There are many new treatments that can help keep your bones strong and help prevent fractures. Infusion for osteoporosis medications is one of them.
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What Is Osteoporosis?

Everything You Need to Know About Osteoporosis

What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a bone disorder where your bones slowly become thinner and thinner caused by lifestyle, medication, or genetics.
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Osteoporosis Symptoms

Recognizing the Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Prevention of this silent disease is key because damage to your bones may be occurring without any outward osteoporosis symptoms or signs.
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Osteoporosis Treatment

Are These Osteoporosis Treatment Options Right for You?

Once you’ve lost bone density, you can’t regain it. However, osteoporosis treatment includes lifestyle changes and medications to help slow its progress.
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calcium rich foods

5 Calcium Rich Foods Which Help Improve Bones

If you're living with osteoporosis and looking for some calcium rich foods to help strengthen your bones, there are five foods that may help do just that.
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bad foods for osteoporosis

Don’t Eat These Six Bad-for-Your-Bones Foods

Keeping your bones strong involves eating the right foods, but did you know that there are bad foods for osteoporosis too? Here are 6 foods to avoid.
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Osteoporosis and Calcium

The Role of Calcium in Osteoporosis

If you have osteoporosis, you probably know that you need calcium to keep your bones healthy. However not all sources of calcium are alike.
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