Grow Your Own Nutritious Foods for Healthy Bones

Grow Your Own Nutritious Foods for Healthy Bones

Increase the Nutritious Foods in Your Diet

When you have osteoporosis, you want to build up your body’s stores of nutrients. To build bones, you need more than just calcium; you need nutritious foods with all the vitamins and minerals.

The solution comes down to eating more of a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs that can do your bones some good because they are high in minerals or medicinal agents that stimulate the production of bone cells and the strengthening of bones.

To increase your intake of nutritious foods, it takes looking outside the box of what you’re doing right now. You’re most likely eating store-bought fruits and vegetables, and not adding a lot of culinary herbs, spices, and medicinal herbs. The problem with store-bought fruits and vegetables is that they are most likely genetically engineered. You need heirloom produce because heirloom fruits and vegetables are ones that have a higher density of nutrients in them.

Where To Get Heirloom Seeds

You can get heirloom seeds at two websites online: and

Here’s a list of some options for you – some heirloom fruits and vegetables that you could grow in your own garden:

  • Healani Tomato – This is so easy to grow, as it could be potted on your patio. It’s high in vitamin A, C, lycopene and other carotenoids and has a subtle flavor.
  • Sunrise Papaya – This heirloom tomato is reddish-orange and sweet. It can also be potted. Papayas are high in vitamin A, vitamin C and other carotenoids. Carotenoids may have a role in strengthening bone density.
  • Hirayama Kai Choy – This leafy type of mustard grows fast and you’ll have mature plants in 40 to 60 days. Mustard plants are high in sulfur which builds strong cells.
  • Peruvian Chullpi Corn – You certainly don’t want genetically-modified corn but this one is not. It’s an heirloom variety and you can make popcorn with it. However, be aware that it has a different consistency than regular popcorn; the middle is meaty and it’s only the outer part that puffs. It has a toasted flavor though that you will like. It needs about 150 days to harvest.
  • Yurackalhua Incan Giant Corn – Start growing this one and you could solve any hunger problem in your neighborhood. The kernels are as big as a penny. The kernels are so chewy and filling that your children won’t be able to eat more than a third of an ear of corn. It’s another non-GMO corn that is an heirloom, thus filled with nutrients.
  • Keli Kheli Melon – This heirloom melon is a salad melon as it isn’t as sweet as a fruit melon. Add it to green salads. It’s beautiful looking as well, with bright red color and yellow irregular stripes on it.
  • Harris Model Parsnip – Parsnips are high in silica which is needed by every connective tissue in the body. Your bones are connective tissue, so you can see the connection here. Parsnips are good to eat raw in salads or in soups. You might make a bone soup and add plenty of parsnips in it; this would be ideal.

What about herbs? You must have pain in any areas of the body where the bones are porous. Valerian can calm down your anxiety about your osteoporosis and it can also reduce pain. Plant it in your garden in the back, as it is a tall plant, growing up to 5 feet tall. You’ll need the root for the medicinal properties.

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