Yes you can reverse osteoporosis naturally!

So after being diagnosed with osteoporosis the doctor said she wanted me to start fosamax. I read on it and got very frightened.... horrible side effects from loosing your teeth to loosing jaw to blisters in esophoghus .. ugh!
I read on how to strengthen bones online (thank God for internet) what foods to really concentrate on what exercise to do , seems weight workouts are a must . I got lots of greens into my diet plus lots of veggies yogurts cut out sugar and junk then added a bit of weight training got the nykweightvest gentle on the bones but strengthens them
long story short 2 yrs later I am healthy as a horse bones are improved greatly and the doctor is shocked I did it without dangerous drugs which by the way in the long run( so I read) wreck your bones . I dodged a bullet and got healthy without drugs!!!! you can too


  • @elliemay Hi and huge congrats to you!! I don't want to take any drugs either....I'm looking for exercise programs.....can you recommend any or where I can look? Thanks!!

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