7 Nutrition Mistakes You’re Making With Osteoporosis

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  • I had 6 compressed spinal fractures two years ago and it has affected my daily life ever since at the age now of 78. The pain at times is so debilitating, and I have also lost 4 inches in height, which now makes me only 4' 10". I lost 18 lbs in weight in the hospital, and have never gained it back. I have found that most pain meds simply do not work and so I simply work on meditation and walk as much as I can with a walker, which does aid with the balancing. I do see a Physiotherapist on a regular basis, and she is helping to strengthen my back muscles. It's a long, slow process though. I am also on Prolia which causes itching at times, but when I came off it last March, I promptly sustained the 6th fracture in May. Please be aware that this is what can happen with Prolia, as you have to remain on it for as long as you can.

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