Can we start a discussion just to give Support?

I have been around the net and couldn't find much in the line of a forum for osteoporosis. I did come here but I see that many people read but don't reply. I was hoping to get more responses from others who have osteoporosis. I have just been diagnosed with it and just need some company. I am scared.


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    @ruebeewren thank you for reaching out! We will share your discussion with our Facebook community as well :)

  • @AlyssaWinegarden

    Hello and thank you for getting back to me. I wanted to say that I found a group on Inspire that seems to be helping me right now.
  • @ruebeewren I am scared two, I found out a couple of weeks, ago, I found out I, have weak & brittle bone, my doctor suggested for me reclast, so, I will see, how this go tomorrow, ps, we can both go through this together, and helped each other.

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