I just went for my 2 year Follow up bone density test and results are
There is a High risk of Fracture
I knew I had osteopenia/osteoporosis but it was not so bad treatment calcium vitamin D,as I am extremely sensitive to Drugs and chemicals in them. I dont know how it could have progressed so aggresively and I'm scared. I go to the Dr next week to see what the plan is..Any input would be appreciated..:(


  • I just was diagnosed with osteoporosis and have an apt with a specialist on the 16th of February. I am also scared.
  • @ruebeewren
    I am 62 years old and female. I developed a very sore hip in June 2014 after starting a mild exercise program on my own using equipment in my condos gym-bike, treadmill, several weight machines but set at no higher than 10 lbs and small 5 lb Dumbbells for a couple free weight exercises. After only about a month of going 2-3 times a week my hip joint began to hurt upon lifting a small infant. Then one day a week later I woke up to find I had numbness in that leg but shooting pains in my hip when I tried to walk. I went to my chiropractor and tried a personal yoga instructor who all thought I suddenly had SI joint issues. Then went for a MRI where they seemed to support this theory. Went to an orthopedic doctor, started 3 months of light physical therapy......light because each exercise they gave me made my hip and leg hurt more after 2 days! So I could not do the exercises. Got cortisone shot during this time with no improvement. After PT did not help anymore my ortho doctor suggested I needed surgery to replace my SI joint! Yikes! No way!
    By this time I was hurting more each day and in early September2014 one day the pain was finally so bad that my husband took me to his internal medicine Doctor......couldn't sit down, or stop crying.....he looked at the MRI report from the radiologist from July where it said that I should also have a CT scan if treatment was not working. Went immediately and they found an "insufficient" sacrum fracture! Which means, since I didn't fall or anything my sacrum fractured because of my bone density. What?! So my doctor checked out me getting an injection which is some kind of glue into the fracture but then found I was not a candidate for some reason. Then tried me on daily Forteo injections. I got insomnia, anxiety, more pain than before, shakes, I felt I lost myself so after 11 days he had me take a break and those side effects went away.
    Then I had my first bone density DEXA scan, spine and hips which shocked me. I had -2.5 in my spine, -2.0 in my left hip and -1.8 in my right hip (that was the bad one)! I was petrified and thought my so far healthy life was now ending.
    My doctor put me on 2000/day calcium and 1500 Vitamin D. I could not eat but tried to eat healthy when I did. I did nothing but walk 3/day for a total of from 1 mile building up to 3-4 miles and ice my hip. I ended up crashing from the pain by November as there was no way to lay down or sit down at all anymore and I could not take any pain meds except Ibuprofen (18/day) and Tylenol (10/day) which were not cutting it. ( I have severe shaking, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting from Vicodin, Tramadol, and Codeine. ) Mayo Hospital finally admitted me to the Neurology Center in December 2014 as when they took X-rays in Emergency Room they could see no evidence of a fracture. A neurologist who was a friend helped to get me admitted. I was there for a week as they tried to figure out what was going on and how to help me.
    They prescribed an anti anxiety med, Klonnepin, and an anti depressant, Cymbalta, which has the good side effect of helping with hip and low back pain. And a hospital bed at home. By March I could finally sit with less pain and without special cushions.
    This event in my life scared me and I truly understand the fears of Osteoporosis. My doctor only wants me to walk, no other exercise, in case a bone might break, so I feel that my body is getting weaker when I know I should be doing some more kinds of exercises to help keep the bone density that I have. I also suddenly have joint soreness since I slowly weaned off the Klonnepin and Cymbalta which was May of 2016.
    I had a 2-year check on my bone density in September 2016 and my doctor reported that I had maintained my bone density, however he did not give me the numbers so for some reason I wonder if they might have changed slightly.
    I wish I knew what kind of specialist I should see for Osteoporosis.
    I know this all sounds crazy but I'm beginning to understand that this silent disease needs more bells to be ringing out there for those of us who are living with it daily and just feeling afraid of our own bodies.

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