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Senile Osteoporosis: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments of Senile Osteoporosis

Understanding Senile Osteoporosis

Senile osteoporosis, also referred to as degenerative osteoporosis, occurs as a result of aging and wear and tear on the bones. The mineral composition of bone changes with advancing age. Bone matrix, the framework of the skeletal cells, becomes weaker and thinner. The inside of the bones take on a lacey appearance, weakening and becoming subject to fracture. Senile osteoporosis is classified as a systemic condition. Senile osteoporosis is twice as common among women than men,...

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Researchers Look Into Xylitol for Osteoporosis Treatment

Researchers Look Into Xylitol for Osteoporosis Treatment

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New Osteoporosis Test

New Osteoporosis Test

Researchers are studying new imaging and computer-based techniques to test for osteoporosis, allowing a look inside of the bone.
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